Why VS Code Editor in 2022 is right for you?


Do you want to know why VS code?

Read this: Visual Studio Code or VS Code is the top code editor according to the 2022 Developer Survey by Stack Overflow.

According to the Stack Overflow survey in 2022, Visual Studio Code is the choice of over 71% of developers.

Chances are as a Coder you must have heard or used the VS code once in your life.

I hooked up with VS Code 2 years ago. I was hunting for a lightweight code editor/ IDE. One strong enough to support multiple programming languages like HTML/CSS, Javascript, PHP, and Python.

After sweating blood and tear with VS Code on multiple projects. I can assure you VS code is the perfect code editor. Whether you are a veteran code editor using many languages. Or a beginner just starting your coding journey. VS code editor can fill all niches.

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Let’s know why VS Code is the right choice for you:

1. 100% Free and Open Source

Unlike many code editors in the market, who hide their best features behind a pro version. The VS code editor is completely free. There is no pro version in existence. This means you’re getting the best feature of VS code every time without any cost.

Open source makes sure VS code is never outdated. Despite being built by Microsoft, primarily using Electron, anyone can contribute to VS code development and improvement.

Over the years, VS code editor has grown in leaps and bounds when compared to other code editors. The primary reason is its open-source nature. And the future of VS code is blinding the shine. So forget that VS Code will get outdated since it’s free.

2. Huge Extension Library

Agreed, most code editors have large extension libraries packed full of features. But most code editors get cumbersome as you install more extensions. But not VS code.

Why not? Simply because VS code is not full IDE(Integrated Development Environment). This reduces a huge load on VS code engine. And when you install the extension in VS code it’s very beginner friendly. Look into the below image to know how to install extensions:

Why VS code is popular with developers? Because it supports a huge extension library.
Why VS code is popular with developers? Because it supports a huge extension library.

If you can think of a language, you can find its extension in VS code extension library. And all extensions are completely free. No charges!

Want to work with Python? Install Python extension. Working on projects involving ES6 Javascript, installing another extension… so on. You get the gist!

Still wondering why VS code editor is best. Let’s look at the next point.

3. Clean UI

VS Code editor is built in a clean and modern way. Being open source means you can even build your theme and deploy it for a cool look. If you fancy that is.

Most developers love the stunning light and dark mode themes available for download. I love to use the dark VS code theme. But many more are just ready at your fingertips.

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4. Ease of Use

VS code editor is easy to use for programming language
The VS code editor is easy to use for programming languages.

Why VS Code is amazing? Because developers of all varieties find it easy to use. No matter whether you’re an expert in Data Science who need seamless Python data integration. Or a humble Web developer working on your next eye-catching HTML template design. Use VS Code Editor any way you want!

Without even high customization, VS code support native intellisense since it’s code in Typescript. Yeah! If you use Typescript-based frameworks or libraries like Angular or React. Then VS code is a blessing and perfect match.

5. Debugging Tools

What differentiates senior developers from junior is often their error hunting and solving capabilities. No matter how superb knowledge you’ve of a language, you will get stuck at one point. Bugs will pop up in the code. And you push to resolve them.

But how fast and efficient you do these tasks is what matters. And VS code helps you with this. It is packed with in-built debug tools that you will only find in some premium top-tier code editors.

You can find even more error reporting tools in VS code extension library.

6. Git Integration

Git is a powerful version control tool. Ask any developer what they love about Git. The answer is always its seamless collaboration power.

As developers, we must connect and work together with other developers. Git fulfills this niche for us.

But you know what could be better? An editor which natively integrates Git for you and you don’t even need to open a separate Git cmd window for managing Git. VS code completes this dream.


Convinced yet! The VS code editor in 2022 is the most amazing editor you can use. It’s cross-platform supported so you can use it on Windows or Mac without any problems.

With its open-source nature, customizable features, and feature pack extensions, VS code is an all-around performer for any developer. Otherwise, we Coders must keep switching editors depending on the coding language. Which can be tiresome sometimes.

Sure, VS code is not perfect. But compared to alternatives in the market, it outperforms all of them. So if you haven’t tried it yet. Stop waiting! Go ahead!

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Happy Coding and Ta-da from Problem Solver.

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